Our Mission

The overall purpose of The People’s LES is to

  • recognize and value the Lower East Side’s historic identity as a community of immigrants, workers, artists, and activists;
  • develop a shared platform for both existing and new People’s LES stories and histories;
  • commission public art works and murals related to those stories, and
  • convene historians, artists, organizers, local leaders and residents in public dialogue which connect the past with the present, and help shape a future vision for the neighborhood.

Our History

Lower East Side History Month was launched in 2014 by FABnyc, Downtown Art, and 60+ LES-based organizations in the hope that a collective celebration of our neighborhood would strengthen our connection to each other and our shared sense of community.

The People’s LES website was first launched as a part of LES History Month in 2017 as a way to extend celebrations of LES history year-round, as well as provide a space for a range of diverse projects to be accessed via one collective platform. It was redesigned in 2022 and remains an active work in progress.

Contributors and Supporters

We thank the following organizations and individuals for their contributions and support of this site.
The Art, Education, and Community Practice Program, Steinhardt School of Education, NYU
Cooper Square Committee
Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural & Educational Center Inc.
Downtown Art
Loisaida Center
James Maher
Marlis Momber
Museum of Chinese in America
The Tenement Museum
Sixth Street Community Center
Village Preservation
W.O.W. Project at Wing on Wo

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