Wesley August Williams...

became the first black firefighter to Integrate Engine 55 in 1919.

In 1935...

First Houses was built on East 3rd Street. It’s the first public housing project in the U.S.

The Women's Prison Association...

was founded at 110 2nd Avenue.

In 2002...

C-Squat became legal after 13 years of homesteading. It now houses The Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space.

Veselka means...

“rainbow” in Ukrainian. Veselka opened in 1954.

M'Finda Kalunga Garden...

is named in memory of the Second African Burial Ground, meaning ” Garden at the Edge of the Other Side of the World” in Kikongo language.

In 1975...

Miguel Algarin, Miguel Pinero, Bimbo Rivas, and others opened Nuyorican Poets Cafe.

May is Lower East Side History Month!
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